about us

Fayaka Airways Sarl (FAS) was founded in 2014 in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Nairobi as Sinclair Airlines Limited which directly owned 49% of FAS. Its objective was to provide domestic passenger and cargo flights, followed by regional routes and international routes. Fayaka airways setup a base in Nairobi apart from its operational base of Goma Airport, DRC Congo to take advantage of the East and Central Africa business and majorly support its direct USA-KENYA flights. 49% of FAS is held by Sinclair Airlines Limited (SAL), a Company based in the Republic of Kenya while the rest of the shareholding is by Congolese investors and their partners. In early 2017 FAS was duly incorporated in USA as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is registered as FAYAKA AIRWAYS LLC (FAL) in San Fransisco, California.

FAL (USA) is the main base of operation for Fayaka where it's fleet of aircrafts are maintained. All US local and international flights are originated from it's San Fransico base. It's African base is Nairobi, Kenya where it has a distribution network to the rest of African destination through it's sister airline Sinclair Airlines. Fayaka Airways also serves Europe (via Amsterdam) and Asia (via China and Dubai). These destinations are originated from it's three main bases of San Fransico (USA), Nairobi (Kenya) and DRC Congo; making Fayaka a unique a multi-based international airline. Kenya is the hub for it's East and Central Africa regional travel, with flights networks that distribute visitors and cargo landing from the USA to various destinations surrounding Nairobi, Kenya. These local networks also collect passengers and cargo destined for USA or other en route destinations. Its core branding is multi-based business and tourists carrier.

FAL (USA) recently acquired Skybus Airways S.A.C, an airline based in Las Vegas, Nevada and Peru Lima and its fleet that includes a ready airline infrastructure and 2 McDonnell Douglas DC8-73CF aircrafts. It has also finalized all acquisition requirements for passenger Boeing 777 and 747 aircrafts that will be utilized for the USA-AFRICA operations.